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Welcome to the archives for the Health Revelations newsletter. Issues are archived by month, and you can view them online or download and print them as PDF documents. Every month in Health Revelations, Dr. Stengler uses his diverse and extensive training in conventional and natural medicine to provide better understanding of the treatments, therapies and natural remedies that could help you stay healthy and keep yourself safe – and even free – from prescription drugs. So each month, when you receive your issue of Health Revelations – you’ll know you’re getting real-world health advice that you can use for yourself and your family. But it’s more than that, much more. As a subscriber you have access to information you simply will not find anywhere else from one of America’s most in-demand doctors...

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The 5 Mind-Bending Marvels
that DEFEATED Cancer, Diabetes, Heart Disease and Alzheimer’s

These FDA blunders could humiliate the U.S. Government,
but you can use them to get healthier than ever...

Dear Friend of Health Freedom,

WARNING: What you’re about to read may shock and outrage you, because...

Stunning new evidence suggests that ALL CANCERS WERE CURED back in 1925.

Yes, that’s lung, prostate, breast, pancreatic, brain and EVERY OTHER type of cancer... CURED. Deadly tumors just fading away like magic.

A crazy notion? Don’t judge it until you see how, with no scorching radiation or agonizing chemo...

An all-natural solution shrinks tumors away to nothing!
And our own government has known about it for DECADES.

Just listen to this amazing story...

David Pfaller was facing terminal prostate cancer. It was so bad the cancer had metastasized out to his hip bones. His oncologists had given up treating him and sent the 68-year-old from Cincinnati home to die.

His final remaining wish was to live to see his grandson graduate high school. That’s when a family member convinced him to meet with Dr. Mark Stengler... a San Diego physician getting astonishing results treating even advanced cancers.

Dr. Stengler immediately put David on his treatment program...
And the tumors all DISAPPEARED.

That was 16 long years ago and David is still cancer-free today. Now he’s planning to go to his grandson’s wedding... and see his great-grandkids graduate!

But how did Dr. Stengler cure David... when the best mainstream cancer treatments failed?

Amazingly... it involved no poisonous chemo... no scorching disfiguring surgery.

It’s thanks to an astonishing medical fact:
Did you know you can starve cancer cells to death?

You won’t hear about it from your oncologist. (I’m afraid the drug companies see to that. I’ll explain in a minute.) But Dr. Stengler has been championing this groundbreaking therapy for years.

You see, cancer cells are greedy little things. They slurp up glucose from your blood like hungry kids scarfing down birthday cake. But if you cut off the sugar, they starve.

They need it to fuel their growth... without fuel, they die by the thousands. Tumors shrink, wither... and then disappear.

Shockingly, this process was first discovered back in 1925. So scientists have known about it for almost a century, but it’s still not taught in medical schools.

Instead, oncologists still treat cancer with painful radiation, dangerous chemotherapy and scary surgery. But not Dr. Stengler.

His treatments are so revolutionary they send current
medical thinking packing...

And his results are nothing short of LIFE-SAVING...

Now, by nothing more complicated than eating in a unique way, you can cut off the sugar supply to cancer cells...

Yes, it’s that easy. And, yes, IT WORKS.

There’s no question:
It’s Dr. Stengler’s bona fide miracle in cancer treatment.

I promise you, if you or a loved one has ever faced cancer, you must get the complete details on Dr. Stengler’s easy to follow protocol immediately...

And, today, Dr. Stengler has asked me to send you every detail on his life-saving treatment for free. I’ll tell you how to get it in a moment, but first let me introduce myself...

My name is Jenny Thompson. For 15 years I’ve been the Director of an international health research organization...

And through my work, I’ve gotten to know a truly remarkable doctor, Dr. Mark Stengler.

Dr. Stengler is the author of 17 top selling medical books. And you may have seen him featured on PBS, Fox News or the 700 Club.

But despite the acclaim, his true commitment remains to the thousands of patients he’s helped at his busy clinic. The waiting list may be long... but his patients know one very important fact:

Mark Stengler is the only doctor who does all the research... develop powerful disease-curing protocols that leave most “modern” medical thinking in the dust.

And now, he’s written down all the information about his revolutionary cancer-curing protocol in a special report he’s calling...

“Say Goodbye to Chemo and So Long to Those Harsh Drugs... Starve Cancer Cells to Death” Dr. Stengler’s cancer cure is on page 12 of the report.

And today he’s showing people like you who read this urgent health report how to claim your own copy... ABSOLUTELY FREE.

I will tell you how momentarily... And in case you’re wondering...

“Why didn’t my own doctor tell me about this natural cancer treatment?”

Well, it’s not his fault. He’s a victim of the same mainstream thinking that preaches “prescribe, prescribe, prescribe” above all else. I’m sure you’ve experienced it firsthand.

That’s one of the things that makes Dr. Stengler so very different. You see, he holds a unique and advanced medical degree. One that required 200 TIMES more clinical training in natural and alternative therapies.

And wouldn’t you want to trust your health to a doctor
with 200 times more training?

And Dr. Stengler never stops learning. While other doctors are playing golf with pharmaceutical reps, he’s waking up early to pore over medical journals and the latest research.

In fact, that’s where he discovered this CRUCIAL bit of information... that could very well save your life. Let me explain...

The fact is, every man or woman over 60 must learn...
The “unknown” deadly heart attack risk your doctor
WON’T EVER test you for!

And how one strange concoction could save your life...

It’s an “accepted mainstream medical fact”... If you want to avoid a heart attack, high cholesterol and blood pressure are your biggest threats, right? Wrong.

The single biggest unknown danger is actually something called “STALE BLOOD.”

Consider this strange nugget...

People who donate blood are practically heart attack proof.

In fact, in one study men who gave blood were 16 TIMES less likely to have a heart attack than those who didn’t.

Why? Well, when you donate blood your body replaces the blood it loses with new, younger blood. And new blood is thinner and more slippery.

It has to do with red blood cells, both the amount of them and the fact they get less elastic as they get older... like a rubber band that’s been sitting in the drawer for years.

When your blood is older it has more red blood cells and they are less elastic, so your blood becomes thicker and “stale.”

Study after study proves it... your heart attack risk is directly tied to the AGE (and thickness) of your blood.

It’s not just heart attacks. A landmark study from Scotland showed a clear and DEADLY connection between stale blood and the risk of strokes as well.

Here’s the really scary thing: You can have perfect cholesterol levels and blood pressure smack in the middle of the ideal range...

You can eat only broccoli morning, noon and night and hit the gym until you’re drenched...

But if you have thick, stale blood you’re staring
right down the barrel of a heart attack.

Think of it this way. You know how thick, dirty old oil gums up an engine... eventually making it seize up and fail? Well, stale blood does the same thing to your heart.

Stale blood is stickier... it lets plaque build up all over your arteries. It also forms dangerous clots more easily. And if you think you’re safe because you take a daily aspirin or are on pharmaceutical blood “thinners” like Warfarin, I’m afraid I have bad news...

Dr. Stengler has now announced that aspirin and prescription blood thinners don’t actually affect the “thickness” or viscosity of your blood at all. That’s not how they work... (But I bet your doctor didn’t mention that.)

So this begs the billion-dollar question:

Why hasn’t your doctor tested you for “stale blood” already?

After all, the test is simple, cheap and readily available.

The sad truth is I’m sure he doesn’t know the research. You see, in this country doctors are taught to prescribe drugs at the first sign of trouble... And statin drugs fatten the coffers of Big Pharma to the tune of $18.7 billion every single year.

The fact is, they don’t WANT you to know about the danger of thick, old blood.

They WANT you to keep worrying about cholesterol and blood pressure and taking your daily statin pills.

But there is good news...
because the solution is SO simple.

You see, Dr. Stengler has pioneered a safe, natural therapy to keep your blood flowing just as slippery and “young” as the day you were born. You’ll be amazed at how easy it is... and how shockingly cheap.

In fact, it costs just 45 cents a day.

It’s all thanks to a bizarre type of fermented Japanese food. It’s an acquired taste to be sure, but the Japanese have been eating it for generations believing it improves cardiovascular health.

And now, new research is showing they may have nailed it!

When scientists isolated one special extract from this fermented food they found it melts blood clots like butter on a griddle.

And I’m not talking about one small study either. This extract has undergone extensive scientific testing in both animal and human studies. In fact, one human study showed that...

Blood clots dissolved in about HALF the time after
consuming this weird food.

One scientist dropped this amazing substance on an artificially created blood clot in the lab... And it just melted away before his eyes. In less than a day, it had completely disappeared.

It gets better. Some studies are suggesting it helps lower blood pressure and reduces your risk of osteoporosis as well.

This is exactly why Dr. Stengler’s patients are lining up to get his blood clot-busting formula, which includes an extract of the Japanese food miracle. Full details are on page 19 of “New Breakthroughs in Holistic Medicine” a valuable newly updated report Dr. Stengler has written for you.

And now it can be yours FREE, thanks to Dr. Stengler’s commitment to exposing the lies we’re told by the mainstream medical establishment. But there’s more... Because today he wants to share a very special gift with you. Dr. Stengler believes your best health is his responsibility – as a doctor and as a Christian.

That’s why he wants you to get his complete
9-volume Natural Healing Library...

His Natural Healing Library is the product of Dr. Stengler’s life’s work... Uncovering and researching natural treatments, therapies, and cures for the most dangerous diseases of mankind.

It’s his complete collection... more than 80 life-saving solutions in 9 packed volumes. Each solution is so easy, with step-by-step instructions and all the details you need to get healthier... happier... than you dreamed possible.

The reports are so impressive you can show them to your doctor. (Warning: He may ask to keep your copy!) Whether your concern is diabetes... heart disease... arthritis... Alzheimer’s... COPD... chronic pain or anything else...

Dr. Stengler’s solutions are so powerful, you will think,
“Did I just get a second chance?”

But, now, think bigger... much bigger. Like diabetes.

Get ready for a stunning revelation from the medical underground’s most respected doctor...

Sources are now saying the U.S. Government has had proof that certain toxins cause type II diabetes for more than 12 YEARS.... And ignored it.

No newspaper headlines... No press conferences...

Worse yet, they aren’t telling doctors about the 49-cent, needle-free breakthrough that may finally be able to help REVERSE DIABETES.

Yes, type II diabetes can be REVERSED by a natural “eraser” that doesn’t involve drugs, surgery or needles. How can this be?

Because they’re GETTING IT ALL WRONG.

Imagine if SUGAR... CARBS... BEING OVERWEIGHT... didn’t matter?

Trust me, I know this sounds a little nutty. I thought so too. Until I saw the eye-opening SCIENCE... the same research I’m about to show you now...

You get diabetes because you drink soda or eat candy... or because you’re overweight. Right? It’s a great theory and a favorite of Big Pharma drug pushers, but there’s more to the story...

And today... I’m exposing everything.

Independent research has found a shocking LINK between common toxins in our environment – especially pesticides and plastic byproducts – and type II diabetes.

The most amazing part? Our own government knows all about it.

How am I so sure? Because THEY did the studies!

Amazingly, a 2008 study by our own National Institutes of Health established that workers who had prolonged exposure to pesticides were associated with up to a 200% increased likelihood of diabetes.

And a Centers for Disease Control study of 2,350 women released just this past year found a surprising link between a toxic substance called phthalates...which are found in medicines, perfumes, cleaning products and a bunch of other stuff in your house right now... and getting type II diabetes.

This hard science suggests that these – and other toxins we
are exposed to all the time
– disrupt vital chemical processes
in your blood... leading to diabetes.

Now, if you’re wondering how this bombshell got overlooked, prepare to be outraged. You see, it turns out this isn’t even new information.

The government has been paying compensation to military veterans who were exposed to pesticides and then developed type II diabetes for more than 12 YEARS.

That’s right, our government knows it too... Diabetes can be caused by toxins we eat, breathe and absorb.

And they’ve known for more than a DECADE.

But if you’re expecting a surgeon general press conference any time soon... Well, here’s the smoking gun.

Type II diabetes is a $26 BILLION cash cow for Big Pharma... and that’s estimated to DOUBLE in the next decade alone.

And since 1992, the main funder of FDA executive and employee salaries has been...

you guessed it... the pharmaceutical industry.

Ever heard that old saying
“Don’t bite the hand that feeds you”?

Why would the FDA do anything to hurt its own funding? And then why should we be surprised the government is covering up this bombshell?

That not only are environmental toxins linked to type II diabetes... But...

Diabetes can easily be removed from your system by a simple, natural treatment that costs only pennies!

In fact, Dr. Stengler’s powerful solution has helped so many of his patients overcome diabetes they say it feels like the disease was literally flushed from their bodies...

Gone for good.

Just ask Jennifer Ehrlich. Jennifer is a 65-year-old from Los Angeles who came to see Dr. Stengler to treat her type II diabetes. Dr. Stengler immediately put her on his powerful anti-diabetes protocol. This is an all-natural detoxification formula combined with an extract from a weird shrub that has been shown in studies to be as potent and effective as the best selling diabetes drug... but without the side effects!

Imagine her surprise when...

Jennifer saw her blood sugar PLUMMET by 80 points
in just ONE MONTH.

She no longer has diabetic levels.... and she uses no medication. Thanks to Dr. Stengler, Jennifer’s diabetes is CURED.

And it’s so easy when you know what to do. Now, let this be your story too. Get off insulin for good and stop living the diabetic nightmare... Today, you can finally make it a reality.

Dr. Stengler wants to give you the full details of his
diabetes-reversing formula

That’s why he’s outlined his innovative diabetes treatment program for you in his massive 9-volume Natural Healing Library.

It’s all his most valuable cures and disease solutions... And, today, I’ll tell you how you can get them free, with his most sincere compliments. It’s his way of pushing back against the medical myths, blunders and outright lies the mainstream is shoving down our throats every day.

And Dr. Stengler never shies away from the big fights. He names names and even takes on corporate America’s most sacred cows.

Like this stunner... one of the biggest DECEPTIONS in corporate medical history. Yes, new studies confirm it...

The annual flu shot is nothing more than a
bald-faced SCAM to get your money.

And a cheap, safe solution wipes out the flu in 90% of cases, but IS UNKNOWN TO AMERICAN DOCTORS.

Get ready for this one. Every year you see “Get your flu shots here!” advertised all over town.

They’d have you think that getting your annual shot isn’t just smart for your health... It’s practically your DUTY as an American!

The thing is, the flu vaccine DOES NOT WORK.

In fact, the only thing it’s really good at is... GIVING YOU THE FLU! Trust me, they never wanted you to hear this bombshell... But Dr. Stengler has done all the research.

And he discovered a recent landmark study by the Canadian Center for Disease Control that supports what he’s long believed...

Exposure to the flu vaccine actually makes you
MORE LIKELY to get the flu!

That’s right... the vaccine may be WORSE THAN USELESS.

It’s just plain insanity... but that’s our modern medical system. Those with the money make the rules. And we all suffer for it.

Check the bottom line: vaccines are a $20 billion windfall for the Big Pharma fat cats. So I wouldn’t hold your breath for this “smoking syringe” study to make the rounds on the nightly news.

But what about flu treatment? The drug Tamiflu is the standard of the industry.

Heck, our own government spends billions
stockpiling it against a flu pandemic.

Sure, it has dangerous side effects including difficulty breathing, vomiting and stomach pain, but it must at least work, right?

Get ready, because last year The New York Times published a scathing exposé on Tamiflu. They said that when they looked for data on how well it works, they found it “missing, unpublished or inaccessible” to the research community.

But from what they were able to find, The New York Times determined the country’s most widely used and stockpiled flu drug...

Appears no more effective than aspirin.

And it gets worse. It looks like the data suggests that Tamiflu may actually prevent your body from making flu-fighting antibodies... Making it difficult for you to fight off the flu in future.

Could this possibly be your best option against the flu? It isn’t. Not by a long shot.

Dr. Stengler has used a powerful flu formula for more than 15 years at his bustling clinic. And while it’s all but unknown to American doctors, a whole stack of hard evidence shows it works.

In fact, one survey of French doctors reported its effectiveness on almost 500 patients over the course of 10 full years! In that survey, more than half the patients were 60 years of age or older.

And over a decade, more than 90% of the patients
never got the flu!

Not to mention, 97% of people experienced NO side effects, with 3% feeling just mild nasal congestion. In fact, 98% of the patients asked to use the natural flu formula again the next year!

I’d call that a roaring success, wouldn’t you? So when your doctor tells you it’s time for your annual flu shot, run the other way and get ready to...

Wave goodbye to the fear of flu season once and for all!

Dr. Stengler tells you how this inexpensive formula works – and exactly how to use it on page 4 of his new report: “The Flu Shot Myth: The Real Way to Stay Healthy This Winter.”

It’s just one of the more than 80 life-changing individual solutions you’ll get in your 9-volume Natural Healing Library. And Dr. Stengler can’t wait to get it delivered to your mailbox FREE.

I’ll tell you exactly how to get your own Library in just a moment, but before I do...

Forgive me, but I have a somewhat intimate discussion
for men. It will only take a moment...

I’m sure you’ve heard of testosterone therapy. It can be nothing short of a miracle for men who’ve lost that “vigor” of youth.

Yes, in the bedroom it can turn a wilting petunia into a rock-solid oak branch (I hope you catch my meaning)... And get back that “break loose a rusty lug nut” strength in your back, shoulder and arm muscles.

It can even restore that mental clarity and sharpness you had as a young man.

But it can also give you embarrassing “man boobs” and a flabby jelly belly. Heck, you may even end up feeling like a woman going through menopause. Yikes.

That’s why you need to know Dr. Stengler’s all-natural secret for making sure you get all the benefits of testosterone therapy without any of the unfortunate side effects.

And when you do, you could feel like 56-year-old Grant Wilkins from San Diego, who started testosterone therapy through Dr. Stengler and raved...

I haven’t felt this much energy and mental sharpness in years, and I’ve only been on the testosterone you prescribed for a few days. Is that even possible?”

It can be possible for you too. But you must know Dr. Stengler’s specific recommendations... Please, do not try this therapy without reading page 2 of his new report...“Don’t Be Doomed to Fuzzy Thinking, Ho-Hum Sex and an Early Grave.”

He tells you exactly what you need to know to walk taller with the energy and lean muscles of youth... How to have your wife gasping in surprise and delight when the lights go out...

And, most importantly, how to AVOID having it go all wrong by turning your newfound manhood into something resembling “old ladyhood.”

It’s one of more than 80 cutting-edge solutions in your
complete Natural Healing Library...

And it’s the only way to get Dr. Stengler’s secret for taking away the downsides of testosterone therapy. You won’t find it anywhere else.

And there’s nowhere else you’ll learn how...

Dr. Stengler’s “Miracle Pill” reverses
agonizing chronic back pain.

83-year-old Grace Milton from Terra Haute was in constant pain. The degenerated discs in her back had her stooped over in agony. Poor Grace was so desperate she was about to submit to a scary experimental drug therapy.

None of the mainstream options had worked and she feared she was doomed to a life hardly worth living. That’s when she heard about Dr. Stengler. In their first meeting, she couldn’t even walk into the exam room.

But just two months later, Grace all but skipped into his office and gave him a big, grateful hug.

The agony she’d lived with for years was a full 80% GONE... erased from her life. She was so happy. When her doctors and the mainstream failed, Dr. Stengler delivered.

But what was this miracle cure for Grace?

Imagine an incredibly effective treatment for your chronic back or sciatica pain that’s completely natural and safe... with no drugs, needles or devastating surgery.

In fact, it doesn’t require ever touching your back at all.

Turns out, this blessed miracle for many back pain sufferers is just a couple all-natural capsules a day. The capsules are so safe, they’re something your body already produces naturally.

You see, one of the most common causes of back pain is a degenerated disc. Studies show by age 50, almost 85% of Americans show some evidence of degenerative disc disease.

That’s why Dr. Stengler’s treatment is so revolutionary and important. Here’s how it works...

I won’t bore you with the science, but there’s a unique substance found in your vertebral discs. This substance helps cushion your spine, but it starts to degrade as we age. But by just supplementing this remarkable substance, Dr. Stengler has seen stunning results for patients with back pain.

Finally, could this be the answer to your own back troubles?

Imagine... no more hunching in pain... grimacing when you stand... or avoiding the flower garden or the golf course... not anymore!

But there’s a big catch. You must know exactly how to buy this substance and the right form to take. Get the wrong one and you’re just wasting your money.

Dr. Stengler tells you exactly the correct form to buy and where to get it in his new report “The Drug-Free Back Pain Solution.” On page 1, you’ll get all the details for how this “miracle” can bring relief for you, your spouse or your loved ones...

Imagine a life finally free from chronic back pain.

And it’s just another example of why you need Dr. Stengler on your side. His solutions are so simple... so natural... you’ll be crying “Eureka!” and wondering why no other doctor is talking about them.

And his brilliant mind is always working. In the 9 full volumes of your new Natural Healing Library... you’re going to learn a lifetime of healing secrets the mainstream just doesn’t know, like:

  • How this “funky” vinegar can help control blood sugar and even fight diabetes... (page 47)
  • How these 7 very common medications DESTROY hearing and may leave you deaf! (page 17)
  • How this weird Himalayan “caterpillar fungus” could be a game-changing breakthrough against fatigue, impotence, kidney and heart disease... (page 34)
  • How 2 tablespoons of this stuff can quickly relieve chronic constipation... (page 64)
  • How something in your bathroom could be making your family sick! You’ll be horrified... (page 16)
  • How one simple supplement can CLOBBER blood clots and fight the hardening of artery walls... (page 92)
  • How a jellyfish extract may actually reverse the effects of aging on human brains! Weird but wonderfully true... (page 79)

There’s so much more...

In fact, every medical miracle you learned today was first introduced to the readers of Dr. Stengler’s privately circulated newsletter: Health Revelations.

And when you RSVP for a subscription today, you’ll get every one of these secrets as part of the more than 80 health solutions in your FREE Natural Healing Library. That’s all 9 life-giving volumes, plus an unbeatable money-saving deal on today’s most powerful weapon in the battle against disease and old age...

Being a subscriber to Health Revelations is like having Dr. Stengler as your personal physician... While others wait years for the latest health breakthroughs, Dr. Stengler rushes the most up-to-the-minute information to you every month.

Each packed monthly issue is like an instruction manual for

You’ll get every step laid out for you in clear, easy- to-read language. You may well wonder how you got by without it so long. And today, you no longer have to...

Cancer, diabetes, heart disease, memory loss, arthritis, failing eyesight, COPD... the list of Dr. Stengler’s disease cures and health solutions goes on and on.

Haven’t you waited long enough?

And today, through this report, Dr. Stengler is inviting you to try a full year of Health Revelations without any risk to you at all.

When you do, you’ll also get your complete Natural Healing Library – that’s all 9 volumes (bound together into one convenient book!) – absolutely FREE. Your happiness with your Health Revelations newsletter subscription is fully guaranteed.

If at any time you’re not completely delighted, just say so and you’ll get every penny back, no questions asked.

And those BONUS GIFTS... well, they’re yours to keep FREE no matter what.

Just click below to get started now. But before you go, Dr. Stengler has another surprise up his lab coat sleeve...

Imagine hearing this prayer answered...“Your doctor was wrong. You DON’T have Alzheimer’s anymore.”

Rosa Washington of Seattle was 81 when she first met with Dr. Stengler. Rosa had just been diagnosed with early stage Alzheimer’s disease. She often couldn’t remember conversations she’d had with her daughter just a few hours earlier.

Dr. Stengler immediately put Rosa on a powerful natural healing solution...

Amazingly, just a few months later, she had ZERO signs of Alzheimer’s or memory loss!

Her daughter’s eyes were full of grateful tears as she thanked Dr. Stengler.

And the secret that “cured” Rosa’s Alzheimer’s diagnosis?

Every detail is waiting for you RIGHT NOW in your FREE Natural Healing Library. Whatever your health worry of today or tomorrow... Your Natural Healing Library will be your health Bible against fear, disease and aging. It’s free when you try Health Revelations today and it’s a mouse click away. Just click below now.

Your Natural Healing Library is also where you’ll learn...

How if you’re dealing with unexplained pain and weakness – or even have been diagnosed with fibromyalgia – you must hear this shocker...

The overlooked cause could actually be your thyroid gland. Simply boosting your thyroid hormone levels may be the solution to resolving your pain and weakness once and for all!

The problem is, doctors are using the wrong test... which means many people go undiagnosed!

Let Dr. Stengler explain to you how to get the right test and how to end your suffering. It’s all inside your FREE Natural Healing Library.

And there’s so much more. Ladies, I have one just for you. (Ask your husband to turn aside for a moment.) Hot flashes are an absolute misery. No question.

But you know certain drugs for hot flashes have terrible side effects, including nausea, decreased sexual desire,
insomnia and even suicidal thoughts....

Are you kidding me?!

There has to be a better way. And thanks to Dr. Stengler, now there is. In fact, you may be able to control hot flashes naturally ...if you know what to take. And he now has a new solution for even the most severe hot flashes.

Full details are in his FREE Natural Healing Library. It’s your gift with his compliments, when you click below and RSVP now.

Now here’s a terrifying thought...

Is cancer on tap in your kitchen?

Samples of water supplies across the country are painting a worrying picture. You see, it turns out thanks to all the traces of synthetic hormones... It’s like you’re swallowing birth control pills with every sip of tap water.

For men, this may shoot your risk of prostate cancer through the roof. Now only imagine what it’s doing to your poor grandchildren!

Guess who’s on the case? Let Dr. Stengler explain exactly how to rid yourself of this menace and protect your prostate... and your children and grandchildren!

Your free Natural Healing Library is the only way you’ll find Dr. Stengler’s solution for this water-borne calamity!

It’s also the only place you’ll learn how...

Dr. Stengler cured a professional golfer’s back pain...
by ignoring his back!

“Tom” was a PGA tour player (I’ve protected his identity by changing his name)... ranked on the PGA’s top 20 earners list.

Little by little, his back started bothering him. He tried ice and heat and Advil, but nothing worked. The pain got so intense he started dropping out of tournaments. But top sports medicine doctors couldn’t find a darn thing wrong.

Finally, Tom quit the tour and stopped playing golf. Luckily, a friend suggested Dr. Stengler, who has treated dozens of celebrity and “high-profile” clients. Dr. Stengler immediately suspected hormonal imbalance... specifically a cortisol deficiency.

Cortisol regulates inflammation. But with today’s stressful lifestyle, adrenal glands can’t keep up with production. They just get weaker and weaker. But if you know what to do, adrenal fatigue isn’t permanent and neither is the pain it causes.

As for Tom?

Dr. Stengler’s simple, natural treatment protocol had him reporting less pain in just a few days...

Six weeks later, he was practicing and in just a few months he was back on tour, playing in back-to-back tournaments! Could this be the source of your own pain and inflammation?

Everything you need to know, including Dr. Stengler’s full treatment protocol, is in only one place: Your Natural Healing Library.

It’s yours free today, but only if you click below now through this special offer.

It’s time for your second chance. Stop living in the painful past and step into your bright, beautiful future.

When you receive your Natural Healing Library, open it immediately. Then you’ll begin to unlock the potential hiding in your body right now – a new, healthier you.

No matter how big, difficult or scary your problem, Dr. Mark Stengler’s Natural Healing Library covers it.

But you must act now. Your FREE bonus gifts are available only when you take advantage of the special offer through this report.

Remember, there’s no risk. If you don’t find that your subscription to Health Revelations with Dr. Mark Stengler makes you healthier and happier than ever, you can cancel for a full refund at any time. And keep your FREE gifts!

Do click below now so we can rush you your FREE library of cures. Don’t wait another minute.


Jenny Thompson

P.S. STOP THE PRESSES! Dr. Stengler just added 5 BONUS REPORTS to your library! You’ll get:

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